An interview with the newly signed Artist KASMO with 9jahype, Kasmo was signed to LION ENTERTAINMENT after making his way out of his former record label STREET HYPE MUSIC. Read the interview below:

9JAHYPE: What is your full name and your stage name?

KASMO‬: My name is Kasim Yakubu and my stage name Kasmo.

9JAHYPE: Okay! Kasmo, I believe you have a record label before signing into Lions Entertainment, What is the name of your former Record Label and why did you leave it?

KASMO‬: The name of my former record label is  “Street Hype Music”  and I left because man has to move on to a greater height, I wanted more than i was getting that’s all.

9JAHYPE: Wow! That’s very nice. But Kasmo, you said you wanted more than you’re getting, is it that you’re not achieving what you want on Street Hype or they are not supporting your musical career the way you want it?

KASMO‬: Well, lets  keep street hype music away from this interview if u don’t mind please.

9JAHYPE: Okay, No problem about that but before that i still have one more question for you about Street hype.

KASMO: Okay.

9JAHYPE: Like Kiss Daniel, do you have any misunderstanding with your label before living them???

KASMO‬: No I don’t. We are cool and Even though they miss me Everyone is still smiling.

9JAHYPE: That’s nice! So how many years deal did you sign with Lion Entertainment and what do you wish to achieve with them???

KASMO‬: I signed a 2 years deal and i wish to achieve the best from them and serve as a loyal artist to them and everybody out there.

9JAHYPE: Wow! May God help you through achieving your aim in Lion Entertainment.

KASMO‬: Thank you 9JAHYPE more blessings upon your hustle.

9JAHYPE: Amen Kasmo, Last question before we go, What will you say to your Fans and what will they be expecting from you???

KASMO‬: A very big thanks to all my fans. In fact, i don’t know what to say to appreciate your support but God will bless you and also help everybody thus achieving there aim in life. You should Expect more Dope sounds and Videos from me and also keep supporting good music too.

9JAHYPE: Okay, Kasmo. Thank you for your time with 9JAHYPE and we will be looking up to hear more of your dope songs with Lion Entertainment. Congratulation one more time.

KASMO: Thank you.

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