Mercy Adoga is a 400level student of Federal University Of Technology Minna, she is from the department of Building Technology. She took her time to write a short story and she titled it Down to Dusk the Tales of an Architect.

Dawn to Dusk: The Tales of an Architect.

“Engineer, cement don finish oh! We need more bags of cement and sand and send for more water too” Shouted one of the labourers on site to my oga.

My Oga’s name is Architect Femi and he has repeatedly corrected everyone that cares to listen that he is an Architect and not an Engineer – they are two different things.

So immediately the request was made by the labourer for more cement and water, my Oga sprung into action. The sun was scorching hot. There was no time to waste at all, no time to start correcting the labourer about his “title”.

I really wonder why there is always never a shade to hide from the sun in almost all the site we are working on. Working under the sun drains energy faster than anything.

The project we are presently working on was a contract we won from the government.
A contract to construct some blocks of classrooms in a very remote village in Minna, Niger state.

The current state of the former classrooms are nothing to write home about. The Windows are bad, in fact most of them are no longer on the walls, the doors are damaged, the ceilings are broken, I wonder how the pupils take lessons when its raining season. The desks are so spoilt that most of the pupils are sitting on the floor, the walls are broken with different sizes of lizards running in and out of the holes and don’t even bother to ask me if there are fans in the classroom because I’m sure you know the answer already.

I wonder why the government won’t just renovate these classrooms to make it more conducive for learning instead of building more classrooms.
“A for Apple, B for Ball, C for Cup, D for Dog…” These primary one pupils have been singing and shouting these song for close to an hour now. Is that the only thing they learn in this school?
Or maybe the teacher is just using that to keep them busy until the bell rings for closing.

“Mercy! Bring that tape measurement and come and join Shafii here, so the both of you can bring out the measurement for the doors and windows. We don’t have much time left, we still need to supervise the other site in town today”.

My Oga’s shout brought me back from my thought.
I really like it when he use the word “We” because we really are in this together. Even though Shafii and I are just students doing our Siwes in the construction firm where Architect Femi works. That word “We” gives us a sense of belonging and responsibility.

I smiled sheepishly as I hurriedly took the tape measurement to join them on the site.
Tales of an Architect.

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