MOTIVATIONAL PIECE WITH PATIENCE DANIEL: Don’t Let Your Struggle Become Your Identity.

​Abuja base Motivational Speaker PATIENCE DANIEL is a 200Level Student from the University of Abuja, She’s a Biological Science Student from the Faculty of Sciences.

The motivational speaker took her time to write a motivational piece to motivate you and me and she titled it “DON’T LET YOUR STRUGLE BECOME YOUR IDENTITY”.


Life isn’t always easy and it can throw you a few very difficult challenge.

We shouldn’t allow ourselves become victims of our situation. If you aren’t moving forward like you want or ought to, maybe it’s time for you to stop and look at what it is, that you may be creating, that is stopping you from reaching your ambitions.

There’s always more to you than what broke you, find the purpose in your pain.

Rise above your afflictions! Don’t let it define who you are.

Fight! You’re bigger and better than the devils you wrestle with.

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