Who can solve her problem

Nigerian Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal who many knows for her controversial posts and raunchy photos on social media has cried out for help.

She may be so curvy and beautiful heavily endowed but the actress has cried out of boredom as she does not go out and this is the fifth month in the year.

Moyo is begging that people should please help her out that her inability to be the outgoing type and her in house party is way off the balance now.

In her post which is not the first of its kind, she made it clear that she hardly honors invites. However the sultry actress wants to turn a new leaf, hopefully she would meet Mr Right on one of these outings and walk the aisle!

In other to help Moyop overcome this problem, we all will be tasked on asking her out, taking her to parties, dinner and chill out with her so she can get used to it.

So even after all this her stunts, Moyo Lawal is claiming to be a good girl, you why they say don’t judge a book by its cover?

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